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Our Eye Care Services in Woodbridge, CT

Dr. Alicea welcomes patients from Woodbridge, CT! An eye clinic located near Woodbridge, CT, we treat families and individuals and we offer supreme eye care services, vision testing and contact lenses fitting.

Pediatric Eye Care

pediatric eye care WoodbridgeWoodbridge is a home to few of the best universities in the area, including Yale University which is located just a short drive away, and gives our eye doctor the opportunity to provide not only eye exams, ocular diseases management and LASIK consultations, but also treat many college students.

Our younger patients visit our practice for pediatric eye exams and diagnosis of eye conditions such as amblyopia or strabismus, both common eye disorders at early age. These vision disorders can be diagnosed quite easily, during pediatric vision evaluation, and treated by proper contact lenses and vision training.

Computer Vision Syndrome Diagnosis

Many of the college students who visit Veo Vision Center complain about computer vision syndrome. CSV is an eye discomfort and vision issue, and can cause eyestrain, blurred vision or dry eyes, associated with viewing a computer screen for extended periods. Computer vision syndrome is diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam, and the treatment may involve not only regular eye care and computer glasses, but also changes to your computer environment.

Eye Emergency Care

Sadly kids tend to get themselves into more eye emergencies then adults. Our optometrist treats many Woodbridge children for conjunctivitis and other infections, removes foreign objects from their eyes and helps them overcome ocular allergies that can cause the eyes to become watery, red and itchy.

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